About Me

I am a 4th year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at Emory Unvieristy advised by Dr. Emily Wall.
My reserach interests include:

Research Projects

VA‑supported Bias‑aware Graduate Admissions

We designed and implemented a visualization system for graudate admissions that promotes reviewers’ self-reflection and scrutiny to ensure fair and consistent review processes. The visualization interface logs reviewers’ interactions in order to provide a granular analysis of review behaviors across attributes such as race and gender of applicants which can relate to potentially biased processes and inform review procedures in subsequent cycles. We conducted a user study to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.

Real-time Contact Tracing and Risk Monitoring via Privacy-Enhanced Mobile Tracking

We expanded a contact tracing Mobile App for COVID19 with privacy enhancement on user locations using Geo-Indistinguishability mechanism and provides risk monitoring. The system allows users to control and refine the precision with which their information will be collected and used, and enable: 1) contact tracing of individuals who are exposed to infected cases and identification of hot-spot locations, 2) individual risk monitoring based on the locations they visit and their contact with others.
Source code


React: Real-time contact tracing and risk monitoring via privacy-enhanced mobile tracking
Y. Da, R. Ahuja, L. Xiong, and C. Shahabi
IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2021.